Significance of Data Degaussing Implementation for any Company or Business

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October 29, 2018


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Implementation of an appropriate Degausser solution is of huge significance for any company or business organization, as it protects the stored data from its accidental release, creating poor reputation of the company and avoiding litigation or big fines.

Degaussing Overview

Data Degaussing refers to the procedure to eliminate or reduce any unwanted data or magnetic field stored on disk media or tape, like diskettes, hard drive of a laptop device, cassettes, reels and cartridge tapes.

Features of Degaussing

Whether you talk about Media Degaussing Services or anything similar, the procedure has following major features-
Act as demagnetizing procedures to erase any tape or hard drive.
Incorporates a controlled type of magnetic field measurable in Oe i.e. Oersteds or gauss.
Oe or Oersted value indicates the difficulty level associated with erasing any media.

Benefits of Degaussing

Until now, Hard Drive Degaussing Services or simply data degaussing services have offered following benefits to companies/organizations.

Reduce Risks and Exposure to Proprietary Information

Removes any damaged email, customer profile, proprietary information of any company, financial data and so on to reduce risk and exposure related to compromising on proprietary type of information.

Retrieves Information and Avoids Identity Theft

Another major benefit of degaussing service is that it avoids retrieval of crucial and confidential information of any company via data recovery software. On the other side, if we talk about employees, it safeguards employees from identity theft problem based on protection of their personal identity information.

Reduces Security Risks

Degaussing plays a major role to minimize security risks related to excessive storage of classified or sensitive magnetic storage media. At the same time, it minimizes the exact amount of classified or sensitive information and their related accountabilities.

Offers Guaranteed Protection

Last, but not the least, degaussing services, whether for hard drive data or anything similar provides guaranteed protection from employee theft, loss of media during transportation, dumpster divers, inappropriate media destructions and so on

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