6 Solutions to Computer Freezing when Backing Up Data

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July 21, 2022


Data backup has significant importance in the contemporary world to ensure data security. What if the data backup process gets interrupted? Author Divya Dhami View all posts

The possibility will be data corruption, data damage or eventually data loss, which makes no use of backup. One of the data backup interruptions can come when the computer screen freezes.
Here we will share with you six effective solutions to restore data backup when the computer freezes.
  1. Reboot your computer: Rebooting the computer can fix this issue when you are stuck between the data backup process, and the screen has frozen. Get into the advanced boot options screen and select to boot in “safe mode.”
  2. Unmount any external device: If you have connected a backup external drive and want to eject it in “safe mode,” but the screen is stuck. Disconnect the device directly.
  3. Exit the not responding programs: A non-responding program should be exited as soon as the screen freezes. It can interrupt many working programs in the window. Open task manager and right-click on the taskbar, and select “start task manager.” Next, you will see “application Tab” in the new window, select the targeted program and hit “enter.”
  4. Use antivirus: A virus attack can also be the culprit of screen freeze, leading to corruption in your data backup process. Install a reliable antivirus and scan your computer to stop the virus from affecting the computer.
  5. Use chkdsk: Chkdsk is a great inbuilt tool offered by Windows to scan and repair hard drive-related issues. Open the chkdsk tool in the command prompt and scan the targeted tool in the drive list. If found any problems, repair with this tool.
  6. Upgrade the software: Whichever software you are using to process data backup in the computer looks outdated or malfunctioning. If the latest version is available, upgrade the backup software to its latest version to remove any problems.


There are plenty of things you must be cautious about before you do data backup on the computer. Ensure the computer has reliable antivirus software and scan all the files before processing the backup data.

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