These 3 cases of Damaged Partition Table could Lead to Data Loss

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August 4, 2021


One of the worst data loss scenarios could be a corrupted or damaged partition table in a hard drive. A partition table records partition information of a hard drive which once gets damaged, could put your data at risk and make it inaccessible. Here are three common cases a partition table could get corrupted or […]

1. Modifying partition: Any modification or change you do in the partition size, type, name, the format could lead to corruption in the partition table.

2. Installing a new operating system: Now users can change the operating system on the computer of their choice. The process requires a change in the partition I’d and table, which is quite risky for the data already stored. Anything goes wrong, and the partition table will be damaged.

3. Restoring clone disk copy: Nowadays, data has become an essential part of our lives. And creating a backup copy is the safest way to save the data from any catastrophes. In this case, restoring the backup or disk cloning of individual partitions on the device can write the clone copy to the target partition, which could be risky.


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