These Four Ways can Protect your Pen Drives

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July 21, 2022


Pen drives are preferable among all other storage devices for its portability, durability and affordability, but there are many factors due to which they could get damaged. Here are the best four ways to handle your pen drive that could protect your stored data from any data loss catastrophes. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

1. Remove/insert a flash drive with care

You must ensure safe insertion and ejection of the flash drive when using it on your laptop. Be sure to disconnect the pen drive safely and select eject in the drive option. Also, be sure to close all the data transfer work before you eject the pen drive.

2. Avoid dropping the drive

Prevent the flash drive from tumbling them on the ground. It could subject to physical damage to the drive. You can use a key ring or USB lanyard to protect the flash drive from dropping.

 3. Cap the flash drive when not in use

To ensure the protection of the flash drive, cap it after you use it for any purpose. But don’t leave it uncapped. Or else, The dirt can accumulate and destroy the flash drive.

4. Don’t use defragmentation tool

Defragmentation is supposed to be used for a hard drive to improve its performance. But if you use the tool for a flash drive, it will hardly do anything for it, so that it will be very unnecessary.


Pen drive could be fragile to many damages or failures, and you must’ve responsible for its safe protection. Consider these above points to safeguard your pen drive data from data loss due to any failure or damage to the pen drive. Call a professional if your device gets damaged to apply the best approaches and recover your data safely.

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