Three Solutions to Flash Drives that become RAW

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July 21, 2022


USB drives like external hard drives and flash drives often suffer RAW error, making the device inaccessible. In this case, when a flash drive becomes RAW, it shows 0 bytes of data storage, resulting in data loss. We are discussing three solutions that can make your flash drive accessible again. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

1. Install right format support package: There are ways when the flash drive becomes RAW; one can be when the Windows system doesn’t support exFAT files system Pen drive. Flash drive with exFAT file system would be converted to RAW when it is unsupported, and to prevent this issue, you can download an analogous disk format support package.

2. Check all interfaces: There could be chances of faulty interfaces on one or both of the computer and the drive. This will bring the pen drive into RAW format. You need to check all the drive and the computer interfaces to prevent the pen drive RAW format.

3. RAW recovery specialist: Failing all the solutions mentioned previously, you can get assistance from a pen drive data recovery specialist. When you get trouble recovering your files from the RAW pen drive, experts can restore your pen drive data with specialised tools to render pen drive data accessible.

Final words

Users are plagued when pen drive becomes RAW, and their data is lost due to inaccessibility. Be it any data loss condition, always have an updated data backup which is useful for fast data recovery of your files. Trying this solution may restore your lost pen drive data which can primarily help you. If the problem persists after failing, expert assistance would be a great help.

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