Top 6 Helpful Windows 10 In-Built Recovery and Backup Tools

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November 8, 2021


Today, users who value their data understand the importance of having an updated backup. A storage device can not be completely trusted for data as it can be prone to data loss due to many factors. Therefore, updating backup is a matter of necessity that can recover data. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Fortunately, operating systems like Windows provide backup and recovery tools that can be useful to backup your important data or restore it.

We share the list of nine in-built windows tools that facilitate backup and recovery.

1. File history: Files history tool in Windows will backup your important files along with its previous versions. With a regular backup of your files, you can easily restore them with this tool.

2. System image backup: With the system image backup tool in Windows 10, you can create image files instead of selecting and backing up files and folders. This tool will create a whole backup including all applications, personal files, system files and others.

3. Recovery drive: Recovery drive inbuilt tool in Windows is an application you need to download on your computer and create a recovery USB drive. This recovery drive will help you when your PC doesn’t start, and you will restore the files when you reinstall the computer.

4. Windows system restore: A useful yet most preferred tool, System Restore create restore points. These restore points create snapshots of the system files, registry files, program files, and hardware drivers. Generating automatic backup every once a week is one of its highlights.

5. Reset this PC: Windows offers the recovery tool “reset this PC” that can restore a computer to its default factory operating system. It can also come in handy when you wish to reinstall Windows.

6. Onedrive: Microsoft’s Onedrive facilitates you with features like accessing your files from other devices synced in your Onedrive account. Restore your files on any other device with OneDrive when your computer is inaccessible.

Sum up

Windows as an Operating system itself has versatile in-built tools that provide easy backup and recovery of files. Also, keep in mind that an efficient plan is always to have a local backup other than a backup in your computer.

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