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May 5, 2021


With the new generation comes new technology, but USB flash drives have only been advanced and never replaced by any new technology in the IT industry. Author Divya Jain View all posts

As the competitors grow, they surround the USB flash drive with many rumours to downhill its image for people who rely on backup and portable data access.

Moreover, the USB flash drive or pen drive data recovery service still counts pen drives as one of the most utilized drives among people for convenient data access. Here are some top five myths surrounding the USB flash drive

1. Myth: The USB flash drive connectors are fragile: Truth: the myth is not closer to the truth, as the USB connectors are made of metal that resists the drive from damage or bends. However, the rest of the body of the pendrive might not be as strong as the connector as it is not made of metal, and it can be the other components that could get damaged.

2. Myth: magnets can erase a USB drive: Truth: there’s no way that magnetic fields of magnets can damage the USB flash drives. Unlike the hard drive with magnetic hard disks, a pen drive has flash memory. Hence there is no way that any magnetic field can damage or alter the pendrive or USB drive.

3. Myth: USB drives are damaged when dunked in water: Truth: It is wondrous to know that USB drives can survive even after being dunked into the water; the only condition is not powered. You can still find your data back but before you plugin and check all the files, dry the USB flash drive under the sun or keep it in a silica bag.

The best way to get back your data is to recover it by a pen drive data recovery specialist that has tools to recover pen drive effectively.

4. Myth: Unplugging the pen drive without using the safe mode can damage the drive

Truth: Indeed, the action of plugging the USB drive out of your laptop without ‘safe removing hardware” mode can damage the laptop while only when any data is transferring. However, there is no harm in plugging the pen drive out when there’s no transfer or file move is going on.

5. Myth: Broken USB can lose your data forever: Truth: It is not 100% true that a broken pen drive can render your data inaccessible forever; it can be bad or good news. In a USB pen drive, data may not be 100% lost, unlike CD or DVD.

The only thing needed to recover the data successfully is specialized skills and equipment, and for that, you can consider a pen drive data recovery specialist with good experience.


When it comes to pen drive, many people fall into confusion as to prefer it or not. However, it can be the best durable option to save your backup files or data that you need while moving from one place to another. Other factors can also affect the data stored in your pen drive; in that case, you should contact a pen drive data recovery specialist to help you in data loss situations.

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