Try These 4 Utilities to check Mac Hard Drive Health

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October 23, 2021


A hard drive matters a lot when you have stored data for years in it. The unfortunate thing is that hard drives are vulnerable to data loss regardless of any operating system. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Mac hard drives can often get corrupted or damaged due to power failure, bad sectors, malfunctioning operating systems, or other logical issues. The best way to get rid of the issues is to diagnose them first.

We are sharing four utilities to check your Mac hard drive health regularly. Keeping a check on your hard drive will ensure the issues are removed before they severely affect your Mac hard drive data.

1. Self-check: To check the hard drive’s health is the priority you should make with a self-check. You can only tell when the system is running slow, overheating or taking a long time to move files. This is the first step that will tell you if the Mac hard drive suffers from some issue.

2. Command line: Like the command prompt in Windows, Mac has its command line to access tools like disk utility. With the command line, you can scan and check the status of the Mac hard drive using the terminal.

Reboot Mac system> press “command+S” together and enter Single user mode> input “disk utilities verify Volume [drive identifier]” on the displaying terminal window.

3. Disk utility: Disk Utility in Mac works like chkdsk in windows. Mac’s built-in tool for scan and repair, disk utility, can come in handy for logical issues. Access it from “applications”>”utilities” folder>select Mac internal hard drive from left side menu>tap “first aid” option> later select “verify disk” to check drivers health.

4. Apple diagnostics: Another hard drive health check tool, Apple diagnostics, can effectively scan for hardware issues in Mac hard drive.

Start with turning on Mac>hold down”D” key and wait for the Apple diagnostic icon to appear>follow on-screen instructions.


Keep a regular check on your hard drive to keep away logical or hardware issues. They might wear out someday, but by scanning and diagnosing problems, hard drives can survive for longer, securing your data.

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