What is Data Backup and Data Recovery? Why it is Important?

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August 7, 2020


Data and Information is crucial not only in the business platforms but also for personal use. It is said to be the greatest asset in business and especially in today’s tech-friendly life. Backing up your data has become simpler than ever, now there are so many storage possibilities to use. This is because the risk […]

The Importance of Data Backup and Data Recovery

What if your valuable data is lost without any backup? Isn’t this one of your nightmares? Data backup has now become a well-known term, with that comes Data recovery too, which has allowed people to take a sigh of relief. There are many possibilities of data being lost, sometimes its accidental while at times it’s intentional.

If you haven’t done your backup yet, here are ways to keep your data safe:

All Human make Mistakes
All Computer System can crash
Disaster happens in the most unexpected ways

In such events mentioned above, data back up or data recovery solutions are the only ways to be one step ahead. You should always think about the better ways to be in a safe position and no to get caught up into the technological mishaps.

Why is Data Backup & Data Recovery So Crucial?

Data loss can happen in anyways. Just because you’ve been lucky this far, doesn’t mean you are going to be lucky forever. The most common errors are always accidentally losing them. If it is business data, hacks and virus attacks are a pretty common issue faced.

Fortunately, many business owners know the value of it and have already done it. However, there are unfortunate ones who are extremely unaware of the possible mishaps they can face.

Here are a few pointers that can explain to you why you have to consider Data recovery & Backup as an important solution.

1.Competitive advantage

With data recovery and backup solution ready, you will always have an advantage over your competition. This is solely for business, as a business has suffered huge losses as well as reputation damage too.

Not even business, there are personal details as well accessed by hackers. These types of breaches are sure to reduce customer trust in business and spoil a personal life too. The confidence is when your business show trust to their customers, staff, shareholder by protecting their information.

Thus, with data backup and recovery, they are aware you are one step ahead of data loss and first on data protection.

2. It is 2020: Data is More Important Than Ever

Nowadays, considering the current situation in the market. Everything has gone digitalize and all business now works with the online platform. To what has happened now that has shaken the world. Education, office, business, and all other works are handled online.

Thus, the need for backup has also arisen and it is now a compulsion to keep safe backups. This can be done on a secure platform like clouds, google drive, Dropbox, and so on.

Also, people are now giving importance to understanding and evaluating the data recovery plan. This has become a part of today’s digital age and without which there is no SAFETY! Educating and following the protocol of a data recovery solution is the best thing ever.

3. The Future is In Front of Us

If now, we don’t embrace the future, we will be left behind. If we can’t be a tech Leader, we can at least be Tech followers. This is how we will be following what is trendy and most important. Today’s future is going digital, storing data online, keeping privacy and security.

In business, you can work remotely, allow your team to collaborate in a group, and share information only within the group. Businesses usually fail to upgrade their system and follow the old ones. But we do know that technology is fast running and evolving. If we can’t go hands in hand, we will fall big time.

The Data Backup Ways:

Data backup simply is the copy of your files to more than 1 secure place. With numerous threats that we have discussed so far. The essentials of data recovery and backup are no secret now.

You must keep at least 3 copies of your files
Store your data in at least 2+ formats
Keep one copy offsite to protect them against fire, flood or any other natural disaster

Local or Network Back up

One extremely easy way to create a backup of the business data is to pretty much store your data, files on the hard drive, tape drivers, or any other storage device to your network and system. Keeping local back up should never be the only thing to do, as there are chances like physical disaster, ransomware, theft that can take place.

Cloud Backup

Nowadays, where ever you go, you will hear about at least one business migrating all their information on the clouds. This backup solution is no exception or new opportunity, but over time cloud storage has evolved. Adding more security channels and keeping your information safe and out there only for you. This particularly provides an additional advantage to ensure the security of your data is maintained and chances of recovery are also high!

Online File Storage

Many people assume that cloud backup and online file storage are the same. However, they are not. Business and common people have understood the use of Dropbox, Google Drive, and other storage options online. A true and paid cloud back up storage ensures and enables one to create an automated backup of your data. So even if you forget it, it is still right there for you.

Data Recovery is the only solution:

Chances of losing your valuable data from Hard drive, laptop, computer, pen drive, SSD Card, and the server is pretty possible. In such a situation, landing to a data recovery solution is the best option. This way, the data is been recovered by using software that can help get your crucial information back.

This recovery solution uses the security protocol, experts, and only the latest technologies into practice. The storage device is evaluated at first, the extent of damage is then recognized to choose a possible solution. A cleanroom environment is where the storage device is taken to perform the recovery.

Techchef: Data Recovery Solution

As told, there are many ways for a business to keep its data backup ready. But one thing is also important, to keep your data backup in multiple places and formats. You have indeed implemented all possible solutions and safety measure, however, still, the wrong has happened.

Losing your data isn’t a normal topic, it is losing your valuable asset. If you are caught up with a situation like this, you must immediately reach a data recovery solution provider.

At Techchef, we are the world’s trusted 100% safe and secure data recovery provider. We use advanced tools and technologies as well as we have a clean room to perform recovery solution.

Our Trusted Data Recovery Solution:

At Techchef, the data recovery expert uses all possible options to recover your data. We take all precautions that can help us attain your data back and keep them in a safe hand. We safeguard your information, keep it away from other’s reach, and only ensure it is in safe hands. Our efforts and dedication, as well as expertise, have led us to deliver results 100%

Once the data has been retrieved, the data verification will be done to ensure all the information is recovered. This helps us understand whether the recovery solution was a successor does it still require more working.

Data recovery is no hidden and now becomes an integral part of the business and for normal people too. Losing an asset, it like losing a valuable thing in your life, so do not let anything wrong let your business or you down. Make sure you approach the right solution provider to get an intact result that benefits you.

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