Why Do-It-Yourself data recovery is a big NO!?

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November 27, 2020


Data loss is heart-wrenching when you find out that it has happened to you. You might not have invited it on your own but it’s an unwelcome guest that has hit inside your device or hard disk. Author Kajal Aswal View all posts

Why Do-It-Yourself data recovery is a big NO!?

It is surprising to know that there are plenty of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ videos on the internet that you can follow and work on your hard drives but at what note can you rely on them, do they come with guaranteed fixes? The answer is no!

Data stored devices or hard drives are very fragile and have delicate components inside them that need professional hands to handle the damage that happened to them.

Is it possible to fix the problem without any experience?

Your mind might be hitting you with new ideas and motivating you to save some bucks in your pocket by not giving your storage media to the data recovery experts and fix it on your own. When you use those disk repair programs following the data recovery videos available on the internet, you will realize how complex these programs are. Data recovery is not a piece of cake and needs the experience to get back on track.

When you try your hands on data recovery software and programs, gradually at some point you will feel stuck. You spent years storing your data and media on your storage devices like hard drives, SSD cards, USB drives etc, and when you try to retrieve your lost data back believing in so-called recovery software can drag you into a big risk. Without any experience and expertise, it is impossible to detect the damage your device has taken.

When can you find yourself ineligible for the tough task?

Let’s assume that you have taken enough time to watch data recovery videos and research on how to recover your lost data on your own but how reliable it could be? It becomes understandable when you realize that while aiding your hard drive you have worsened the situation. Hard drives are very fragile to handle and have components inside them that are delicate.

While you roll up your sleeves and work on your hard disk, you are unaware of the harm that you are giving to it. Disk repair programs are not easy to understand and work on it needs experienced hands.

Few points on why you should avoid fixing your hard drives.

Hard drives are fragile and can break easily if not taken care of.
Components of hard drives are delicate.
Fixing a hard drive is a complex task because of its technicality.
If there is no in-depth knowledge, avoid fixing.
Overwriting data will make the damage worse.
Disk repair programs are complex to work with.
Eventually, at a point, you will get to know how complicated data recovery is when you identify the thin line between a program being complex or easy.

Moves you should not make when you commit to doing it on your own.

People unknowingly make situations worse when they think they are on the right track. Data recovery software and tools that are available on websites or the internet are not permanent solutions. This software is a makeshift thing to do without a professional. It is best to consult a doctor when you have a cough and cold instead of going to a dentist. The same goes for fixing a damaged hard drive on your own and showing it to the expert.

Things you should keep in mind before you make any wrong move.

Don’t ever try to partition software on failed media.
Avoid reformatting your failed data.
Do not use disk repair software or tools on crashed/ failed hard drives.
Avoid freezing or heating the hard drive, it will get permanently damaged.
Avoid surface scan.
Avoid using data recovery software.
If you failed to recover data then do not give up, take it to a data recovery professionals.

Hard drives, being very complex to examine, are composed of some important and delicate components which are installed inside it and control the working. If you attempt to recover it, you can go through a fatal data recovery loss.

Some fragile components of a hard disk are spindles, disk platter, actuator arm. The disk platter is the most sensitive part of a hard disk that is prone to damage. It is made of glass, ceramic, and light aluminium alloy that makes it delicate. The disk platter is covered with a magnetic layer that is readable by the read/write head.

When you treat a hard drive to recover your data back it could get exposed to dust and smoke particles. There are specialized clean rooms for this work that are even cleaner than sanitized hospital rooms. Particles can get pinched between the disk platter and magnetic layer when it’s moving at high speed which doesn’t allow the head to glide smoothly over the magnetic layer on the surface of the hard drive’s platter.

This makes it clear that it is a very complicated process and best to get done by the data recovery professionals. Avoiding to fix the problem can eat your money, time, and energy with zero guaranteed result. It can remove your data forever. Moreover, if you give more damage to your hard disk there will be no hope to get your data back even by a data recovery professional. It is a make or break case that is best to be handled by experts only.

Indications that telling you to stop using your damaged hard disk drive

Your ignorant behaviour can worsen the situation to recover your lost data. Most of the time people don’t look after small things that can create big problems afterwards. One must take out time to examine little problems.

Hard disks are the heart of data and if they are in a problem that simply means that your data and files are in a danger zone that can get vanished anytime.

Avoid using hard disk if:

The hard drive is making click sounds.
It is not moving.
When your laptop/ drive has fallen.
When your operating system stops working randomly at any time.
Face power cut while working and your PC/laptop is not accessing.
Faces Smoke, water and burns, etc damage.

What can be the best solution when you find yourself helpless?

Every single specific work has specialists to deal with. So when you see yourself tangled while attempting a data recovery process on your own you should consult a data recovery expert in no time. Data recovery services performed by data recovery specialists can treat your data storing devices and hard disk drives with advanced tools and techniques.

Asia’s one of the top leading data recovery service providers, Techchef can become your helping hand. With more than 15 years of experience, data recovery professionals provide you with the best data recovery service with advanced tools and techniques.

Our data recovery professionals work in cleanroom environments and use advanced tools to treat your damaged storage devices to get back your data files and media securely. Techchef is the one-stop solution for data recovery.

Contact Techchef at 1800 313 1737 or visit us at www.techchef.in to consult a data recovery expert for the best services.

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