Can you Retrieve Data from a Dead Android Phone?

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July 4, 2023


The number of smartphone users has been significantly increasing since 2012 to present in billions that show rapid growth in importance and urge of smartphones in our daily lives. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Especially,android mobile phone users have shown a hype in smartphone users’ growth because of marvelous user-friendly features to store their memorable photos, videos, essential documents, etc., that android phones offer.

Though the data loss situations that people sometimes go through is not less than a nightmare.

To protect yourself from data loss situations, one must be prepared with precautions or know what to do in such calamities.

This article will show you various causes of mobile data loss, solutions, and preventions that can make your smartphone-life easier than ever.

Causes of Android mobile data loss

1.Accidental drop: Android phones are great in features but not so durable that they won’t be affected after a fall or drop on the ground. The phone screen can get damaged and if unluckily, your precious mobile phone dropped with a high force, it won’t power-on despite several attempts and this way you lose data.

2.Accidental deletion: Human beings are always capable of making mistakes all the time if you have deleted something from your android mobile phone, whether a precious photo or a confidential file, you find yourself guilty for rendering your data inaccessible.

3.Virus attack: Users unknowingly keep browsing websites where some are not safe to browse and can infect your mobile with a virus. Also, not upgrading your android system can infect your mobile data, due to which data can’t be accessed.

4. Factory reset: You cannot be aware of what an innocent kid can do with your android phone when you hand it over to him. In case he clicked on factory reset in your mobile, you might face trouble from formatted data

5.Environmental cause: Plenty of android mobile phone users would have faced data loss once in a lifetime when they accidentally submerged their smartphone in water. It damages the embedded PCB of the android phone, which renders the mobile data inaccessible.

Three Android phone data recovery solutions

The advanced technology of android mobile phones is quite impressive, but because of improper handling, the technology can fail too, and users can face various data loss catastrophes.

Here are three ways for android mobile data recovery

1.Restoring from backup:You do not have to worry in case you are already prepared with a backup. The only excep­­­­tion is your back up should be in an external device, your android phone data recovery won’t work if it is once gone with your dead phone.

2.Android mobile data recovery software: There are plenty of android mobile data recovery software that can recover your precious pictures, videos, and essential files. Choose a data recovery software for yourself that is user-friendly and not too complex.

Though android data recovery software is not 100% reliable, they ask for ROOT access of the device every time you attempt mobile data recovery.

3.Phone data recovery service:Android phone data recovery service is one of the best option to recover data from your android mobile as the data recovery service provider are well certified and have rich knowledge to understand the complex storage technology.

The mobile data recovery specialists are equipped with tools and advanced technologies to recover your android mobile data with appropriate approaches.


1.Lock screen: The lock screen is the first line of defense that can protect your critical mobile data, but make sure it is difficult to crack by an unknown user or thief. The fingerprint is the best screen lock option that safeguards your phone data at any cost.

2.Encrypt data: By turning on your data encryption, no one can access your private documents, photos, videos, and data without your permission. To activate encryption on your private data, go to the security of privacy section of the settings apps.

3.Double-check when deleting things: Undoubtedly, people can do big stupid things when in a hurry, and deleting your precious photos in a rush can lose data forever. When cleaning photos, take enough time and double-check the data before deleting it.

4.Install antivirus: It becomes crucial for you to install an antivirus to safeguard your android phone data from hackers that ask to release the corrupted files or abuse personal or bank account information stored in your phone.

Invest in a good antivirus that keeps scanning for threats on a regular period.

5.Backup: Keep back up of every single data that is important to you in your android mobile phone and regularly update the backup sync on cloud storage like Google Drive in your android phone. You know you are up to date with your data backup so that you can be worry-free about your mobile data loss.

Final words

By following all the precautions and learning android mobile data loss causes, you can protect your smartphone from losing important documents, photos, videos, messages, and other important data. In case you lost all your important files, try to find a data android mobile data recovery service provider that can provide you best solutions to get all your data back safely.

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