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July 21, 2022


Consider Seven Necessary Steps before Upgrading Hard Drive Upgrading a computer hard drive is not always necessary, but not once the old hard drive wears out, performs sluggishly or gets physically damaged. Other than these factors, there are plenty more that give no choice other than upgrading the hard disk drive, like “ how to upgrade the […]

Considering some essential steps before upgrading a hard disk drive in a laptop or a computer will make the upgrading process smooth. So let’s discuss the seven important steps before upgrading the hard disk drive in a computer.

1. Buy upgrading drive that fits perfect to computer

Obviously, you need to replace a new hard disk drive or a solid-state drive with the exact measurements the old hard disk was fitted for. If you don’t do it, you will find it difficult to install the new hard drive with a different fit.

2. Make an image of the old drive to new drive

Think ten times before upgrading the hard drive without any guidance. It can result in data loss. Cloning or imaging an old hard drive to a new hard drive could rescue you later from many problems, so make sure you complete this step.

3. Check if the system is upgradable

You need to check the upgradability before you proceed to upgrade the hard drive. Look if the computer hard disk is permitted to be upgraded at home.

4. Backup is important

There could be instances when the hard drive upgrading process could fail, or the clone hard drive gets corrupted. That’s where hard drive backup plays a vital role. Hard drives can suffer data loss anytime, and data recovery is easy with a reliable backup. So make sure you have an updated backup before you perform hard drive upgradation.

5. Replace hard drive

If you have completed all the above steps, you can finally replace your old hard drive with a new hard drive or SSD. Locate and remove the old hard drive from your computer.

6. Adjust disk partitions

A new hard drive comes with new advantages and features, which might include more storage space. Though, you will need to modify the partition in your system according to the new hard drive as it will not be the same as the old one. Go to Windows “disk management” to adjust the drive management.

7. Test out

Now that you have passed every checkpoint, you will need to verify if the new hard disk is functioning well. Ensure your entire data is present in the disk and is accessible.

Bottom line

Upgrading a hard drive is not as easy as it sounds. You might perform an old hard drive upgrade without considering these points, but it will eventually be a failure due to many factors that could be prevented with these steps. Always create an updated backup of the files in the old hard drive so that your data is always accessible to you and ready for fast data recovery whenever you upgrade the hard disk.

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