Effective Solutions for Hard Drive Head Failure

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July 21, 2022


The hard drive head is a crucial part of the hard drive to read/write data in a device, which is why, when a head failure occurs, your data can be compromised. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Here are seven problems you would face when head failure in a hard drive occurs and their effective solutions.

Seven Reasons Why Head Failure Happens

1. Hard drive wear out: Head failure will occur eventually when the hard drive suffers wear and tear. As soon as you reach the limit of the hard disk drive, you will experience head failure.

2. Dust inside the disk: Dust particles are harmful to the disk platter as it is highly sensitive. The hard drive head will get damaged when dust accumulates inside the disk or around the hard drive components.

3. Physical damage in disk platter:damaged disk platter would result in close contact with the head, failing the hard drive’s head.

4. Poor manufacturing of components: Head failure could also be a result of poor manufacturing of the component in the hard drive. So it is not always physical damage or human error.

5. Human error: Last but not least, human error has a major role in physical damage to the hard drive. A sudden drop or hard drive knock on a hard surface could lead to misalignment of the head, which would compromise your data.

What are the solutions for head failure

1. Discontinue to use the hard drive: Once the hard drive is detected with a head crash or head failure, you should immediately stop using it.

Continuing the use of the hard drive with head failure would extend the damage and will ultimately fail to recover.

2. Resort to expert: As soon as you find the hard drive has a head failure, you should rush to a hard drive recovery specialist. They have specialised tools and skills to get you the desired results.

Final words

Be very careful while handling the hard disk drive. The head is one of the sensitive components in a hard drive, which, when failed, can result in data loss, and your valuable files could be compromised.

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