Five Common Cases That Can Mistakenly Delete Your Files.

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July 21, 2022


No user in this world hasn’t suffered from data loss. When your data is lost can be caused due to any hardware failure, power failure, malware or human error. The most common reason data loss scenarios occur is the human error that includes accidentally deleted data. Here we will discuss the five common cases that can mistakenly […]

1. Empty Recycle Bin: The first common mistake users often make clearing up the recycle bin where deleted files are stored. People should always be cautious about what files they need to clear from the recycle bin. The careless behaviour of people can cause accidentally deleted data of their essential files.

2. Shift + Delete: People often delete a file with the “delete” key on their keyboard, which moves the “deleted” files in the recycle bin. But if someone selects the file and presses “Shift + delete” keys together, this action causes permanently deleted data that couldn’t be found in the recycle bin. So this key combination causes accidentally deleting data.

3. Antivirus Software: Instead of protecting your computer files from malware, antivirus software could also become the reason for deleting them. When you enable auto detecting mode on the antivirus software, it suspects the infected file and deletes it. However, it can also target your essential file and delete the data.

4. Disk Cleanup Windows tool: The disk cleanup tool is inbuilt software handy when you need to clear space when the device storage is full. However, in this case, sometimes, the disk cleanup tool can mistakenly delete important files.

5. Running chkdsk: Chkdsk is one of the inbuilt repair tools of windows used when you need to improve the slow performance of the hard disk. However, sometimes, running the chkdsk program does more harm than good by mistakenly deleting files. Here you may also need the help of a hard drive data recovery specialist to recover deleted files.


Amongst all the causes, human error is the most common reason that leads to data loss. This could happen due to accidentally deleted files. Files that may get accidentally deleted can include your important data, which you may regret later. Avoiding these five common reasons that cause data deletion and creating backups of all your important files can prevent abrupt data loss. Contact a hard drive data recovery specialist to retrieve your permanently deleted files. They are skilled, experienced and have tools to accurately recover your lost or deleted files with the right approach.

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