Five Ways you can create new partition on unallocated hard drive

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July 21, 2022


Unallocated hard drive space is the space that has not been formatted or used. Users often try to create a partition in such unallocated space in the drive but it can be a tedious task. Though with a new partition, you can utilize the space for more files and folders. If you are failing to create a […]

1. Remove any external device

Any peripheral device connected to your computer or laptop can prevent you from creating new partitions on unallocated space. If any external hard drive, pen drive, SD card or any external device is connected to your computer USB port, remove it and try to initialize the process.

2. Check the size and format

There are two formats of the drive size that define its storage limit. MBR or Master Bootable Record and GPT or GUID Partition Table are two formats that limit the size of a hard drive. MBR format supports 2TB drive size with up to four primary partitions, whereas GPT has no limit of primary partition. When you have MBR format drive size, it may have exceeded 2 TB and stop you from creating a new partition.

3. Convert MBR to GTB

Converting MBR to GTB format can help to create a partition on the unallocated space with the help of the “disk management” tool or a software. Make sure you create a backup of the hard drive as this conversion process can erase the whole data and lead to data loss.

Merge partitions

As the drive size in MBR format has up to four partition limits, you can merge two partitions before creating the new partition on the unallocated space.  Also, beware before you proceed to recreate the partition by merging as this can lead to data loss. Create a safe backup of your important files to prevent any data loss.

Erasing drive and rebuild partitions

You can find this method a little more convenient than the above discussed. Make sure you have created a backup for all the partitions and start rebuilding them after you format all the partitions in the drive.

Sum up

You can utilize an unallocated space for storing more files and folders but it can be a tedious task to create a new partition. You can fail many times, and even put your data at risk. Make sure you create a backup of all the partitions before you start any process to create a new partition on the unallocated file. You can consult a hard drive data recovery specialist in case you lose your important data while creating the new partition. The specialist have years of experience and spcailised tools to look after any complicated data loss problem.

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