Four Considerable Reasons why SSD Data Recovery is Difficult than HDD Data Recovery

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July 21, 2022


Users are bending towards Solid-state drives over traditional hard drives due to their durability, longevity and faster performance. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

The flash memory technology makes it perform better and faster than hard disk drives with moving parts. Undoubtedly, SSDs are also prone to failures and corruption.
SSD users mostly suffer the only challenge during SSD data recovery, which is more challenging than a hard disk drive. Here are four reasons why SSD data recovery is more complicated than a hard disk drive.

1. Data location is complex: Generally, when you locate data in the solid-state drive, it becomes a complex task because of the nature of flash drives changing data location consistently to prevent wear and tear.

Compared to an SSD, a hard disk drive is more convenient to locate data, as it can be easily located on the disk platter with a controller that sends a signal to the platter to read/write data magnetically.

2. TRIM feature: Solid-state drives come with the TRIM command feature that tends to erase data in one go once it’s deleted. So this command makes it hard to recover data from the SSD. So you should always be cautious when deleting files from a solid-state drive.

3. No sign of failure: Hard disk drive failure signs are much significantly more noticeable than that of Solid-state drives.

When there is a fault in the moving parts inside the hard disk drive due to mechanical failure, it may make strange grinding and clicking noises. It’s not with solid-state drives as it functions on electrical parts; there are no such failure signs.

4. Complex technology: As the Solid-state drive has recently joined the marketplace, less knowledge about solid-state drives technology makes it harder to understand algorithms, structure and functions.


You might suffer challenges when recovering data from a solid-state drive but avoid attempting recovery with software. Moreover, This may extend the damage or corruption, eventually leading to inaccessible data. Ensure you have updated data backup so that you don’t experience difficulty recovering data from SSD. However, there are plenty of SSD data recovery specialists who acquire specialized tools and knowledge on retrieving data from solid-state drives with higher success rates.
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