Four Effective Solutions for Lost Photo Recovery

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September 9, 2021


As the contemporary world is almost reliant on digital media, including videos or photos, photo loss or inaccessible photo files could result from damaged storage devices. Whether power failure, corrupted system, malicious device, or hardware failure, your photo media could be compromised. To prevent such inevitable photo data loss, we bring you four photo recovery […]

1. Look for backups: Data backups are the first preferred data recovery source from where you can access your lost photo files again. With an updated backup, it is faster and convenient to restore your lost photo files.

2. Check any hardware issue: Your precious photo files could be corrupted or lost due to a hardware issue. To prevent this issue, update the drivers, clean the device surface or clean card slots. Check if the problem is resolved or look for the next solutions.

3. Scan the device with antivirus: Removing the virus infecting your device can significantly help you retrieve the photo files. Scan the device with reliable antivirus and remove all the viruses infecting the device.

4. Photo recovery service: If the problem persists and you cannot restore the lost photos, resort to photo recovery professionals. Reliable services have specialised tools and experience to resolve the problem that you may fail to recover photo files.

Final words

Once your device is corrupted, damaged or failed, irrespective of the cause, your data will be inaccessible to you. However, lost photos can be recovered with effective ways and reliable tools. Also, avoid photo recovery on your own as there might be technical and complex problems that you may be unable to deal with and risk permanent data loss.

Resort to Techchef

Techchef is the most trusted data recovery service in India that provides world-class solutions for SSDs, HDDs, SD cards, computers, laptops, MacBook and photo recovery services. We acquire ISO 27001 certified infrastructure that ensures up to 100% recovery success rates. Our highly specialised engineers with two decades of experience work intensively on your data loss problem to provide you with desired results and give your complete satisfaction.

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