Four Most common Pen Drive Damage Problems

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July 21, 2022


Users Greatly prefer pen drives over any data storage device for their portability, size and convenient data sharing. However, they are also vulnerable to failure and damages like other devices that can risk your stored files, documents and other data that may be precious to you. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

1. Damaged USB connectors: Flash drives have a sensitive USB connector that can harshly break off when inserted or disconnected from a computer. It could tend to break or bend, leading to data loss.

2. NAND chips fall off PCB: Nand chip on a flash drive is located at the surface of mount technology which gets corrupted easily. In addition, these chips are vulnerable to overheating and also affects the printed circuit board failing the USB drive.

3. Malfunctioning components: The mechanism of flash drives works only because of the tiny components inside it that can fail anytime when not taken care of. Components like microcontroller, capacitor and oscillator resistor can burn out and lead to failure of the flash drive.

4. Files system crash: While transferring data, if some damage occurs, the files system can get corrupted by the flash drive. This interruption in the transferring process can also put your data at high risk by losing or corrupting it.


It is always advisable to backup your data before it’s gone forever. Data backup is the best alternative for recovering your data anytime. Even if you lose your files from your device, your work can be saved by a data backup. Also, it is best to consider a data recovery specialist to get back your data with the specialized skills and tools they offer, which can provide higher recovery success rates than any other option.

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