4 Tips for Converting from External Hard Drive to Internal Hard Drive

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July 21, 2022


Deciding to upgrade or replace your old hard drive that has run out of space with a new one? An external hard drive can do a great job and can benefit the extra storage of your computer or laptop data. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Though you convert the external hard drive to an internal hard drive, you can follow these four tips to convert the external hard drive effectively.

How we can convert the external hard drive into an internal hard drive

It takes a short time to convert an external hard drive to an internal hard drive. An external hard drive is nothing but an internal hard drive covered with a hard enclosure connected with a USB interface. It is easy to install an external hard drive as an internal hard drive inside a computer.

4 tips to keep in mind when converting external hard drive to internal hard drive

When you follow these effective tips, it will help you install the hard drive in the computer and prevent mistakes leading to data loss.

1. Check interface compatibility

Before installing the new hard drive to the computer, ensure that it is compatible. If your computer supports the IDE or SATA interface, the converted hard drive should be of the same interface.

2. Remove the internal hard drive safely

When it comes to the safe removal of the hard drive from the computer, you should be alert and active while doing it.
Remove the old internal hard drive in “safe to remove hardware” mode. If you don’t remove the hard drive in this way, chances of failure could increase.

3. Power off after removing the old hard drive

Turn off the computer once you get done with removing the old internal hard disk drive. When you perform the work on an operating computer, the hard drive can go through serious damages, compromising your data. Install the new converted hard drive after you again switch on the computer.

4. Be patient and careful during the work

It is crucial to be careful and alert when working with both the old and the new converted hard drive. Once you perform it carelessly by dropping, knocking or harshly handling one of the hard drives, the entire data stored can get damaged and lost eventually as a result.


When thinking of expanding the storage size of the hard drive or replacing the corrupted hard drive with a new one, you can consider converting it to an external hard drive. Installing the external hard drive as an internal hard drive is not tedious when you follow these tips. Keep in mind to not continue using the computer after removing the internal hard drive, or it can come as a disaster resulting in hard drive damage and data loss.
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