4 Reasons why your Pen Drive isn’t an ideal Backup Storage Device?

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July 21, 2022


s storage devices like computer or laptop hard drives are susceptible to failures, your essential files could be at high risk of data corruption. That’s where a data backup comes as a superior option to save data from getting inaccessible and prevent data loss. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Many users find USB flash drives ideal devices to create local backups due to portability, durability and inexpensive cost.
However, as a storage device, pen drives are also vulnerable to corruption and failure resulting in data loss.
Here are four top reasons why you should avoid USB flash drives as local backup storage.

1. Limited read/write memory

As a flash memory, pen drives have limited read/write cycles. This comes as a drawback when you have loads of files to upload to the backup, and there is no storage left. As soon as the read/write cycle reaches the limit, the pen drive wears out.

2. Most vulnerable to Virus attack

Whether you upload your files or access them from the pen drive, both cases have chances that the pen drive might catch or spread a virus. In the first place, install antivirus on the device before using the pen drive to block any virus affecting your precious files.

3. Unreliable

It might be cost-effective and durable, but pen drive can also be unreliable. It doesn’t come with any promise of reliability, especially when you purchase a cheap pen drive. There can be any faulty component or poor manufacturing that can cause data corruption in your files.

4. Portable but easy to lose too

You might choose a pen drive as your local storage for data backup, but they are easy to port and lose as well. They are easy to carry, but any unauthorized person can steal them easily, making your files and other data vulnerable.

Final words

For the mentioned reasons, terminating a pen drive as a backup storage device could be better than losing your data. Other than that, you can prefer an external hard drive as another good options for data backup. There are pen drive data recovery experts who can provide you with solutions to recover corrupted pen drives with dedicated tools.

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