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In the digital era, where technology increases its efficacy expeditiously, data has become an essential asset of the internet generation. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Data, generally refers to collection of information, facts, statistics etc often in numeric form. Technically, “data are a set of values of qualitative and quantitative variables” about an organization, person or object.

Data as a general concept is often used as ‘information’, interchangeably. Though, both the terms – ‘Data’ and ‘Information’ have distinct meanings. However, the data is simply used in research works, business management, finance, governance and extensively used in the IT industry as an important information tool.

Importance of Data:

Data has become a part of our life and its importance growing over the time, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. We have reached the time where everyday we are heading one step towards more advances in Computer science, especially in the area of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The value of data creating more computing power insight and management systems. An organization today sees more potential in data and digital models transforming the business into ‘Data Economy’. Our knowledge of digital models is embedded deeply with the knowledge of data.

The digital era can be seen as the future which holds greater potentiality but have you ever thought of the consequences, what will happen if your data is lost? Do we have enough knowledge about the data loss and what action to take in such scenarios? Can we control such situations? If yes, then the question arises here HOW?

Further in this article, we will discuss the necessary understanding of different cases of data loss, importance of data recovery and how recovery works. We will ensure the sustainable relationship of human and technology in this complex internet generation.

Cases of Data Loss:

1) Human Error:Every human makes mistakes. No one is infallible on this planet. Some mistakes are big while mistakes are small, it depends and measured by the amount or level of loss. For businesses, human error can cause a significant data loss, including hard drive damage, corruption of software, file formatting and other errors.

But mistakes from humans can be minimized by ensuring necessary understanding of how data processes and how backup systems function. Through proper necessary knowledge and training of employees in handling data we can prevent human errors and minimize the risk. Additionally, it will optimize the work flow and reduce chances for human errors.

2) Accidental deletion / formation of data: As discussed above – “ Humans are not infallible”and another big cause of data loss can be accidental deletion or formatting. By mistake, employees can delete important files, documents or any essential information without realizing it. Unintentionally, it can cause considerable trouble to an organization.

Luckily, data can be retrieved from Recycle Bin but sometimes it fails to restore due to technical issues. When the retrivation of data seems difficult , file recovery software can be a great helpful tool. It scans the system’s hard drive and restores lost data.

3) Heat and liquid damage:

Heat damage is also one of the significant causes of data loss. Constantly running a system at high temperature can permanently damage the desktop or laptop. In order to prevent facing such catastrophic scenario few points can be considered :

Avoid direct heat or sunlight
Turn off your system and restart when system start heating
Avoid turning on too much brightness of screen
Close extra tabs on desktop or laptop and background apps on phones.
Take your system case off (if any)

Another major damage could be liquid spill on the desktop or laptop. It can cause short circuits and sometimes result in difficulty in restoration of data. Act speedily, if a spill occurs. If a spill is not cleaned properly it can corrode the system internally. In order to avoid such scenarios try to cover the laptop or desktop with a translucent sheet or keep any water resistant case.

4) Virus and Malware :

While we are talking about data loss, Virus and Malware cannot remain untouched. It is note-worthy and considerably the most common cause of data loss. A system gets viruses from various software or corrupted links. It can steal files or damage the system.

To prevent from virus and malware, following points can be helpful:

Keep anti-virus updated
Regular scanning of viruses to prevent serious damages.
Make a regular backup system as well.

5) Data theft:


Apart from damages, errors and accidents, Data theft is a crucial concern to throw light upon. As per the statistical report of the year 2020, “In 2020, there were around more than 100 cases of data theft reported across India” under cyber security. And cases are rising day by day. Infact, from 2005 to 2015, over 40% of cases (amongst all the cases reported worldwide) has been reported of data theft.x

The modern technical era, making humans more mobile. And people these days comparatively prefer to use portable devices. While using portable devices one should be extremely cautious of theft of devices or their data and must ensure a safer backup location to restore the crucial data.

Importance of Data Recovery:

Having backup for files and documents is one such method which everyone is familiar with. And for more assurity physically separate locations of files can be effective to prevent. But fortunately, we can recover lost data from devices. Data recovery generally refers to restoring of lost, corrupted, deleted and inaccessible data from devices.

Data recovery plays a significant role these days. Suppose, you are working on an important project and while working your file got crashed. In such cases it feels like a body without a heartbeat, all the hard work and important details went away in a few moments. This is where data recovery comes. For the IT industry, data recovery seems to be valuable. It may seem data is lost in reality and irretrievable, but through professional data recovery softwares, restoration can be possible. However, in case of physical damage, data recovery service providers intervention is needed. Hence, data recovery works as given a new life and heartbeat to data.


Therefore, Data has become a valuable intangible asset. We are in the era of digitization, where progress would halt without data. It is more valuable than ever before and protection of it all matters. Data is the key to smooth and hassle free functionality of each and everything. Thus, these days, more and more people understand the significance of data protection and take measures accordingly.

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