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July 21, 2022


Data loss; itself is scary enough. Even thinking about it makes us panic. So, Techchef has brought the solutions for you in this article. We will be discussing the top 5 worst data loss situations in the MacBook. Read the entire article below and know: Author Divya Dhami View all posts

1. Accidental Deletion:

One major cause of data loss is the accidental deletion of files and folders. Sometimes users might delete the file or folder without realizing they will lose it permanently. Some kinds of deletion are reversible, which can be reversed by pressing the Control+Z command. However, in severe cases, we are fortunate with data recovery solutions.

2. Deletion of Data from iCloud :

Another major cause is users might delete their data from iCloud. For example, when a user on a MacBook deleted the data from iCloud, it got deleted permanently. However, there is still a chase for users to restore their data because iCloud stores data for the next 30 days after deleting files and folders.

3. Formatting drive:

When you format your drive, make sure you have data backup available or store your data physically in another device to prevent a data loss situation. After formatting the drive in the MacBook, it became difficult to restore. So be very careful when you format your drive; otherwise, Data recovery can be the only option left.

4. Physical damage of Hard drive:

Hard drive damage has also been a major concern for data loss. When your hard drive starts making noises, lagging while working or data becomes inaccessible to read and write, then take the necessary action as quickly as possible or replace the drive.

5. External drive unmounted:

It doesn’t mount on your MacBook when you connect your external drive. Then the external drive will not be visible on the desktop or finder. If the issue doesn’t fix quickly, it may be possible that data will become inaccessible.

Conclusion :

We have discussed the top 5 major causes of data loss in MacBooks and their prevention. However, after taking necessary precautions, if you still face issues with your MacBook data, you need to contact Data Recovery solutions to prevent any catastrophe in the future.
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