6 Causes When Files Can Not Be Saved in Flash Drive

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July 21, 2022


USB flash drive or pen drive is a great storage device for individuals who prefer a portable yet reliable device. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Sometimes, people also complain about the files not being saved to USB flash drives. There can be certain reasons that bring this problem when you try to save the file.
These are the top six reasons why your files can not be saved to the pen drive.

Write protection: USB flash drives come with data protection features like write protection. Remove the write protection to save files successfully.

Insufficient space: Low disk space can be one of the reasons you are unable to save the file on your flash drive. You will need to free up space in the pen drive to complete the task.

No permission error: An error message will flash “you don’t have permission to save in this location” when you try to save a word document or excel worksheet file to the pen drive. To obtain permission, follow these steps.

Search “netplwiz” in the start menu and launch
In the popup dialog, select a user account that shows an error
Click properties> group membership> administer

Files size exceeding file system: The device comes with a designated file system, for which some files may exceed the limit. Files larger than 4GB can not be saved in a pen drive with a FAT 32 file system. you can compress the file and then save it in the flash drive or convert the file system to NTFS.

Virus attack: A malware or virus infection in the drive would not let you save a file, and it can result in a system crash, file system corruption and damage to the drive,use a reliable antivirus to block the virus and then attempt to save the file.

Drive corruption: Drive corruption to your USB flash drive can be caused due to system failure, power failure, system crash or file system malfunction. A pen drive data recovery expert can help you with reliable solutions.


Here are the six major problems and solutions to files that can not be saved in a pen drive. Avoid any last-minute data loss scenarios. Save a data backup if your data is valuable.

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