Three top reasons for corruption in Auto CAD DWG files

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July 21, 2022


The designer professionals and industry mostly rely on computer-aided design (design software) to create a modern or 3D design. Whether it’s an engineer, architect, or some other artist, this software is highly praised by them. But some reasons may contribute to corruption in these DWG files. Here are the causes that you can encounter and recover your […]

The Causes of Damage or Corrupted DWG files

While you use AutoCAD or working on a DWG file, the following things could occur. These signs can signal you that the DWG file is corrupted.

DWG File failed to open and show error message
AutoCAD crashes while opening a DWG file but normally works when accessing other files.
Unintentional files size of DWG files change without the addition of major changes
Low performance of computer while working on DWG file
Drawing or illustration misrepresented

What are the Causes of Damage in DWG files?

Look for these three causes that might have corrupted your DWG file while working on your computer.

1. Unsuccessful saving: When your files are not saved successfully after doing few changes, there are chances that it may interfere with the files saving process. This improper file saving process leads to corruption in the file or, in some cases, total data loss. The interference could also include the programming of other applications.

2. Gradual loss of data over time: While you transfer the old version of the DWG file (AutoCAD) through various media and open it using different software, the chances are your file is losing some part of the information. The information of the original or old file loses itself when you shift to modified software, causing corruption in DWG files.

3. Crashed System: Yes, the operating system could be one of the culprits to corrupt your DWG file. When the operating system crashes, your DWG file while working on them will also be affected and eventually get corrupted.


It could be a frustrating moment when you are in between your project and trying to finish it, but the DWG files get corrupt. The interference causes listed above could render your files inaccessible. However, data recovery specialists could offer various file recovery options and solutions with specialized tools and skills. Therefore, it is better to rely on them than any data recovery software as they are experienced and aware of any data loss complications.

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