Why does a Hard Drive Fail, and how can I Prevent Data Loss?

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June 19, 2021


Users save a huge amount of files and documents in their computer hard drives, and when hard drives tend to fail, all the data can render inaccessible due to data loss. Hard drives could get damaged due to gradual deterioration, but other reasons also contribute to the failure or damage of a hard drive. To […]

a. Physical damage

A hard drive can undergo physical failure that could severely damage the components inside it, resulting in inevitable data loss. The possible causes could be:

  • Human error
  • Fall from height
  • Water or fire damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Power surges
  • Overheating of a hard drive

b. Gradual failure

You may be very cautious about handling your hard drive, but it can still fail. It has a limited lifespan of an average of three to five years that could result in slowing down your PC and gradually fails.

How to detect a failure in a Hard Drive?

Here is the list of possible failure symptoms that you can notice in a failing hard drive:

  • PC is slowing down, takes longer than gradual to access the file
  • Error messages while access files
  • Screen hangs, and PC is unresponsive
  • Bad sectors on the hard disk
  • Strange clicking, grinding or whirring noises from hard drive

What should you do when a Hard Drive Fails?

When you see warning signs of hard drive failure occurring in your computer, consider these things to save your valuable files from data loss:

  • Backup all the files to another drive
  • Stop using the drive
  • Shut down the system
  • Plug out the power supply
  • Contact a professional data recovery specialist.


Backing up data regularly is important because you never know when you will undergo a hard drive failure that could render your essential files inaccessible. If you are unfortunate for not having any backup data, connect to a data recovery specialist with socialized tools and skills to get your data safely back with appropriate solutions and approaches.

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