Why Not Perform a Logical Data Recovery on a physically damaged hard drive

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July 21, 2022


A hard drive is the most used storage device for numerous digital data, but its vulnerability to many factors lead to failure and damages. Amidst the hard drive failure, your data can be compromised, either due to logical or physical failure. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Many users without any guidance attempt hard drive recovery with software. But, without analyzing the problems, one shouldn’t attempt data recovery with software. We are about to share with you whether logical data recovery also works for physical hard drive failure.

What is a physically damaged or failed hard drive?

A hard drive that has been physically damaged refers to incidents when components inside have been damaged; the disk has scratches, a short circuit in a circuit board and more. Physical data recovery is more complicated than logical data recovery.

Why not use logical data recovery for physically failed hard drive

Whether you run a data recovery software or any other program on the physically damaged hard drive, it will do more harm than good. Once you run the software on the physically damaged, it will produce more bad sectors on the disk, harming the disk platter. It will cause severe damage to the disk resulting in data loss.

For what case, logical data recovery is used

There are particular instances where you can attempt logical data recovery

Accidentally deleted data
Accidentally formatted drive
Malfunctioning operating system
Deleted partition


Your data might get lost due to physical or logical failure in the hard drive, but you must be aware when to perform what data recovery in what instance. Keeping backup data will always let you access data and save your files from abrupt data loss. Also, always remember never to use logical data recovery on a physically damaged hard drive to avoid any data loss calamity.

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