Five Most Common Data Loss Problems you can face this Pandemic

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July 21, 2022


There are plenty of businesses switching to work from home amid the new rise in covid-19 cases that are tremendous than 2020. While your business operates remotely, there can be many challenges that you can experience due to abrupt data loss. 2020 was downhill to almost 57% that suffered downtime due to data loss. To secure your […]

1. Human error: Human error can be a common mistake you should expect from every one of your employees. Data deletion, reformatting data or overwriting files can be expected anytime from them. You should communicate the data safety measure to the employees more frequently to alert them of such mishappenings.

2. Virus or malware: These days, scammers have introduced new schemes via emails or malicious links, providing fake WHO updates against viruses, preventions, measures, and cures. Clicking on the link can expose their system to the virus, which can steal your important company data. Aware of every employee about such new phishing and malware scams.

3. Liquid damage: No doubt that the employees can also be thirsty and keep their bottle or glass of water beside their systems to quench their thirst, but thi can put the laptop at risk.

Resulting in data loss by a liquid spill on the laptop, sudden damage can be suffered. The laptops should be covered with water-resistant cases, or else you should keep a spill-proof container to avoid these mishappenings.

4. Power outages: Employees should be provided with an uninterrupted power supply (USP) to get their work more productive and on time.People often suffer data loss due to power surge or power outages while working on their laptops. An unstable power supply can disturb the power supply to the system interrupting business operations abruptly.

5. Hard disk damage: The laptop’s hard disk is the most sensitive part that has all the data stored and can be abruptly affected by physical or logical damages.Sudden drop, jerk or mechanical problem to the vulnerable hard disk can interrupt the workflow due to sudden data loss catastrophes. Logical damages like software corruption, data deletion or partition format can also contribute to data loss disasters.


If business operations experience sudden stoppage, it can ruin the whole data flow in the entire department of the business. During this hard time of the pandemic, it is best to communicate with your employees via virtual video conferences or calls to get them on the same page and convey every possible data loss calamity that one could undergo to minimize the loss of business data. Connect to a data recovery service immediately to resume the operations hassle-free.

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