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August 9, 2021


Most businesses prefer raid as its technology makes it efficient to store data in a large volume. The raid technology is a combination of multiple disks that are connected into a single large volume. Author Divya Jain View all posts

This array of large compline provides great space, faster performance and the most appreciated, fault tolerance. Fault tolerance in the raid system provides tolerance against any raid disk failure and lets the rest of the raid disks normally work without interruption.

Now that you know how the raid is a great choice for businesses, you can also own a raid system according to your needs and personal data storage purposes.
Here are the three raid levels that can be preferred for personal data storage.

Raid 0: Raid installation needs an even number of drives, generally with two drives. Though raid 0 does not provide any fault tolerance as it uses the striping method. The advantage it gives is that it operates faster than other raid systems.

Raid 1: Raid 1 uses the mirroring system, which means it separates all internal drives into two sets. When data is written, it is written in the first set and then copied to the other set in the meantime. This process takes time and hence takes more time than raid 0. However, it provides raid tolerance which prevents data loss.

Raid 5: Raid 5 starts with three disks in the configuration. It uses the block level striping method; the data is written across the array. It is faster than raid 1 but not as raid 0. The raid 5 system allows writing data both disk and parity to disks. That’s why it gives fault tolerance advancement.


Now that you have understood all the raid 0,1, and 5 raid configurations, how they work, and how faster they perform, you can store your personal data accordingly. Also, all raid configurations are prone to disk failure and damages, even after fault tolerance. Contact a raid data recovery professional for the most suitable and maximum raid recovery service.

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