RAID 5 Data Recovery from 2 Hard Disk Failure

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July 21, 2022


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RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) technology effectively increases the performance and reliability of data storage disks by combining several units in single array. A RAID array consists of several disks that are interconnected to improve the write and read speeds of data or to provide reliable data redundancy in case of a technical problem that calls for a data recovery. There are several classes of RAID configurations with the most common being class 0,1,2,3,4,5,6, and 10. The RAID 5 array configuration is preferred by users who prioritize security because of its “stripping with parity” specification.

In a RAID 5 configuration data blocks are stripped across individual disks. A parity checksum of all data blocks is stored on a logical drive that spreads across all physical drives. In case one drive fails, a computer can use the parity data from the checksum database to rebuild the data block that is lost as a result of disk failure. It implies that the failure of one drive in a RAID 5 array will not affect its functionality – read and write operations will continue as usual. However, in the event of a second drive failure, the array will breakdown and neither write nor read operations can be performed until the array is rebuilt in a successful RAID 5 Data Recovery process.

There are several issues that could cause failure in two drives simultaneously. A few common ones include sudden power surges, a malfunctioning RAID controller, or a malicious virus attack. Companies that require the complex security layering in a RAID 5 array should always conscious of their susceptibility to problems that can cause a 2 disk failure. It is possible to perform a successful Hard Drive Data Recovery using recovery software, but most attempts by in-house IT personnel of various companies that have encountered the problem fail.

Although there are several advertisement on the Internet for software packages that can help IT personnel recover data from a RAID 5 configuration independently, there are reasons why you should seek professional help from the very moment you encounter a 2 disk failure. For one, there are several problems that could result in a crash. If you do not have the expertise required for RAID Data Recovery, you might not have the skill to precisely identify the cause of a crash. Your armature attempts at a rebuild could frustrate you by inflicting more damage on your drives and making the data on the array completely inaccessible.

Apart from avoiding further damage to your drives, hiring a professional helps you save time while preventing costly delays in the production cycle of your company. Generally, it would take you more time to recover data from a damaged array without prior knowledge because you have to read software manuals that often come with complex manuals. A professional knows what to do immediately they run an analysis on your RAID configuration. Additionally, few unspecialized technicians have been able to recover data from RAID arrays – the best solution is to hire those who take pride in it as their core business.

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