6 Effective Solutions when Mac Hard Drive Fails

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July 21, 2022


Undoubtedly, there is no device left on this earth that doesn’t suffer wear and tear. Human errors, power failure, hardware or software issues are major contributors to data loss in devices. Likewise, Mac systems could fall under these devices, and when its internal hard drive fails, it becomes challenging for users to access data and […]

A safe data backup in Mac like the time machine could be a great way for Mac data recovery. However, if you haven’t prepared any backup, here are six solutions for you when a Mac hard drive fails.

Target disk mode: This inbuilt tool in the Mac system can help you to recover the internal hard drive.To make this process a success, grab a second mac device like a Macbook and connect the failed hard drive Mac with a firewire cable. Next, start the failed hard drive Mac> press T> enable firewire mode>select malfunctioning Mac on the other Mac screen> start to repair the failed disk.

Single user mode: In single-user mode, you can fix the failed hard disk with the FSCK command Shut down your Mac > restart system> hold and press “command+S”>Single user mode will open> type command”/sbin/fsck – fy”> press “return” key You will receive a message “file system was modified” if the drive repair by FSCK is successful.

Convert internal hard drive to external hard drive: Considering the two above solutions fail, you can use an internal hard drive as an external hard drive for your Mac data recovery. You need an external drive enclosure to start the process. Take out the Mac internal hard drive with care and put it into the hard drive enclosure. Connect the enclosed hard drive to a computer or laptop through a USB port and access the hard drive data.

Connect to Apple official support: Avoid any Mac DIY data recovery when you have hardly any technical knowledge, which can put your crucial data at risk. If your Mac system is still under warranty, contacting apple support will help you resolve the issue.

Contact a Mac data recovery service: Professionals with years of experience and specialized tools can better help you with any Mac data loss problem due to hard drive failure. Mac data recovery service has the expertise to deal with any software or hardware failure which couldn’t be fixed by any internal mac recovery tool or software.


There is no way that a Mac could never experience hard drive failure in its entire life. All storage devices ultimately experience failure or damage due to internal or external factors affecting your data. Firstly, one must always create data backup in iCloud or iTunes (Mac users). If any software or hardware related problem occurs that creates hard drive failure, one has the option to recover Macbook data or Mac data.

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