What to do when a Hard Drive Starts Smoking?

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July 21, 2022


As all users know that a hard drive is vulnerable to certain damages and failures, you should always keep an eye on every symptom or signal it shows, resulting in failure or damage. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

If we talk about physical hard drive damages, there could be several factors like PCB failure, scattered disk platter, failed spindle motor, crashed head and so on that contribute to physical damage of a hard drive.
The symptoms it shows could be heating or even smoking of the drive, but what could you do in such scenarios? Here are some tips from experts you should work on when your damaged hard drive is smoking.
Under such circumstances, follow these steps to save your smoking hard drive from Andy further damage and protect your files from permanent data loss.

1. Turn off the system: First things first, power off your device and discontinue operating the damaged hard drive. It will protect your data from further loss.

2. Cool the drive down: Now that you have turned all the power supplies off on the computer, it’s time to plug it out. Leave the hot device aside for a certain time.

3. Replace the PCB: The main culprit, printed circuit board damage, leads to the smoking of the hard drive, putting your essential data at risk. Ensure you replace the burned or damaged Printed circuit board carefully with a new one to ensure the working or hard drive is in a normal state.

Though the PCB relaxing task could be Tedious, better rely on data recovery professionals to do the work much better and professionally.


Now that you know what exactly should be done when you see your hard drive smoking out, ensure the drive is protected from severe damage and safe files. Connect to a data recovery professional sooner you see any damage signs from the hard drive to safely protect the valuable files stored in it.

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