What to do when Outlook Repair Tool SCANPST Fails

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June 24, 2021


Outlook is a great way to get in touch with your stakeholders, customers, shareholders, employees, and other people connected to your business. The sad part is, outlook inbox is also vulnerable to corruption and damages. Author Divya Jain View all posts

However, Microsoft developed a free outlook inbox repair tool SCANPST to fix the corrupted PST files. When you try to repair your corrupted files with SCANPST there’s no guarantee that you will get your PST files working again.

The repair tool can also fail to retrieve the PST files. Here are the merits and demerits of SCANPST files that you may see while repairing your corrupted PST files.

Merits and Demerits of SCANPST

SCANPST software is easily available in Microsoft for free of cost which makes the repair process more easier. Search the repair tool on your computer and open it. Search for target PST files that are corrupted. SCANPST also allow you to creat backup of the corrupted files.

When the SCANPST fails?

SCANPST is a useful repair tool but if the file corruption spreads to other parts, the application may not prove to be up to the mark. It may only be ideal to deal with small file corruptions. The SCANPST repair tool can only repair small files that are not larger than 2GB. So, if you are trying to repair your corrupted outlook file that exceeds 2GB, then this repair tool may not work for you.

SCANPST also fails when you try to repair PST files that are password encrypted. In addition, SCANPST may delete files that are unrecoverable, leading to data loss.

What could be the Next Solution?

In case the SCANPST file doesn’t work for you, then search for the backups of your mailbox data to recover your corrupted mails. If unfortunately you don’t have up-to-date backup data, then consider connecting to a data recovery service provider that specializes in recovering outlook mailbox data with high tech tools and skills.


It becomes very crucial for a person to backup their data on time to avoid any data inaccessibility which could be caused by corruption in PST files. Try these all methods to repair the targeted corrupted files with a SCANPST tool, in case all methods fail, call a professional to help you get back your data with specialised tools and accommodated skills to give you the best solutions.

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