Are You Sure Your Backup Data Is Safe From Ransomware Attacks?

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July 21, 2022


Ransomware attacks are increasing expeditiously every day. It is easy to demand something in exchange for data, and for data protection, companies wouldn’t mind paying whatever the attackers asked for. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Though companies have started creating a robust cybersecurity protection structure, what if the backup data for attacks? Do you prepare yourself for such a situation in future? How are we going to protect backup data from a ransomware attack? Here we will answer these questions in a simplified way which are usually left unanswered.

What is a Ransomware attack?

First of all, let us understand the ransomware attack. A ransomware attack is a widespread and sophisticated cyber-attack carried out with malware encrypting your data. Attackers may demand ransom money or anything against your data.
Although cyber security policies are not vulnerable these days, data protection needs to come first, no matter the situation. To develop a strategic and robust data protection plan, it’s often easiest to start protecting it with the cloud or any safer available backup option. Look upon safety at your end first.

Why is a ransomware attack dangerous for an organisation?

What would you do if your confidential data gets whipped out, the network gets stuck in between due to hacking in headquarters, no internet, no signals, and it does not end here? Cyber crimes have many shades, and they can take many shapes. Any cyber-attack seems like the entire world plunges around you.
The ransomware attack can be even more dangerous than you think about it. The wars and conflicts are taking a new phase which is data war. This era revolves around the data and information, who have unique information available, have it all.

Recently in the year 2020, the top US companies under the central target include VMWare, Microsoft, Solar winds and many more top companies on the tip of the attackers.

A Florida based IT firm launched a ransomware attack, popularly known as the Kaseya attack, they demanded 70million dollars in return, and more than 1500 organisations fell under the victim of the ransomware attack, including; Banks, Schools, Government agencies, Supermarket, etc.

Could you even imagine how dangerous it could be for an organisation? However, the main question here is what you should do to guard yourself and your precious data? Here are the eight essential steps which can help you to protect your organisational data:

Use secure internet connections
Check links before clicking them
Keep your system software strong and updated
Ensure endpoint protection at your workplace
Keep strong backup options available, online and offline both
Install a firewall to block any attack
Control access to systems, do not let any drives, chips and cards plug into your device.
Strong cyber protection management and policies.


We have read the consequences and protection from dangerous ransomware attacks. Our business can get attacked any day, any time. When backup data gets attacked by ransomware in such times, professional data recovery is all you need. To get your ransomware data back securely and safely, let us help you with that.
Do not wait for the attack to catch you; prepare yourself beforehand by giving us a call back request at 1800-313-1737. To know more about the ransomware protection services, click the link below.
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