How to Recover Your Data From a Burnt Hard Drive?

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July 21, 2022


What can be more worrying than losing data permanently from hard drives? But do you know you can recover your data from hard drives even if it is burnt? If not, you should read this article to know how to recover data from burnt hard drives. Let’s get started. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Data recovery services have been growing in India. More and more people are now getting to know about this service. With desktops and laptops data recovery services, other devices data recovery services are also available now, such as hard drive, pen drive, RAID data recovery, etc. However, data recovery companies provide numerous services to hard drive data recovery in complex cases, including burnt hard drives, dead hard drives, or more. Physical hard drive damage cases have been seen more, and fortunately, you can recover your data also. Further in this article, we will be reading what causes hard drive burning and how to prevent and recover data from the burnt hard drive.

What causes the hard drive to burn?

There are many reasons for hard drive burning as a hard drive consists of many mechanical parts, which makes it weak and leads to break down or burning of hard drives. There are some major causes of hard drive burnt given below:

1. Excessive usage: Using a hard drive for a long time can cause a hard drive breakdown, even playing high configuration graphics games, which makes the laptop or desktop heat and burns the hard drive. Additionally, exposing it in the open sun for too long hours. Therefore, to protect your hard drive from any such mishappenings, it is advised only to use it for limited hours.

2. External causes: Any external factor like fire or calamities can cause hard drive burning, resulting in data loss. But, to avoid a permanent data loss situation, it is advised to visit a data recovery company.

3. Physical damage: Sometimes a hard drive may burn up due to its physical damage. For example, a hard drive consists of many mechanical parts which make it fragile, and using it in such conditions makes it weaker, and hence, it burns up. Therefore, in such cases, try to reduce the usage or, in severe cases, consider changing the hard drive.

What are the important points to follow while recovering data from a burnt hard drive

Avoid keeping the burnt hard disk in the cold area to recover the data.
Do not try to dismantle or open the hard disk on your own.
Do not boot your burnt hard drive on your own.
Avoid DIY hacks and data recovery softwares, and you may end up with permanent data loss.

Steps to recover data from burnt hard drive

Connect your burnt hard disk to another working desktop.
If your hard drive is external, connect it to another desktop using a USB port.
If the hard drive is internal, remove it from your desktop, insert it in an HDD, and connect it to another desktop using the USB port.
If you can access your data from the burnt hard disk, copy the data on any other storage device to minimize the risk of data loss.
Then safely disconnect the burnt hard disk.
Contact a data recovery service company to recover your data safely in extreme scenarios. Because sometimes, in extreme cases, it requires lab experts to solve the issue.


To conclude, to avoid any hard disk burnt or breakdown, the best way is to take care of it. Keep checking your hard drives fan or vents etc., and even if you still face such a situation with your hard drive, then solutions are here for you. Contact Techchef and get your data recovered quickly with our professional IT technicians. For more details and queries, visit our website or call us at 1800-313-1737.
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