How To Select Best Data Recovery Company?

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July 21, 2022


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But unfortunately, sometimes due to miss handling and damage, we are unable to get our photographs and documents from our devices. It’s annoying to unable to get those useful data. When it comes to data recovery services there are multiple companies offering it’s the data recovery services.

One of the major challenges we face while selecting the data recovery company/vendor as their services are in multiple categories and vary in the price range. Few checklists you can follow to avoid going to the wrong data recovery vendor.

Privacy of Data:

Before selecting data recovery vendor one first check where the data recovery company is compliance with the state governing body for data privacy. The international standard for data Privacy is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 which enforce companies to follow all data removal guidelines after recovery of data.


To be very specific data recovery is a complex task in its own nature. There are multiple types of pricing involves in it. Pricing is defined in multiple formats such as Analysis charges/checking charges, Charges per GB of data, Charges based on storage media type such as Portable, SSD, Hard Disk, RAID Server, NAS/SAN Disks etc. Having a clear understanding on pricing will help you to know the charges will occur for recovery.

Turn Around Time/Service Delivery Time Frame

Data recovery comes under service industry; service delivery on time is something which lacks in this domain. So before selecting the vendor, it’s preferred to check the time required for recovery company to complete the recovery process so your work will not be affected due unavailability of recovered data.

We at Techchef is one of the most reliable data recovery company which is also certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and addition to that we strongly follow our policy of data recovery which simplifies to No data no charges which extend to if our engineering team is unable to recover data from your storage media we won’t charge you any money. Based on the recovery type our TAT time ranges from 4-7 working days for recovery.

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