Data recovery from corrupted ISCSI LUN

The organization iSCSI is India’s leading Real Estate Developer involved in the development of some of the most luxurious properties in Mumbai. The organization has also developed iconic residential properties in London.

The Situation:

The organization encountered an issue with iSCSI LUN, the logical unit of their storage. We received an enquiry for data services on 26th of January 2020. When we had a direct conversation with the company, our team came to know that the main issue that they were actually facing was inaccessibility of iSCSI LUN of 4TB on Windows from SAN. This was a very serious issue, as all of the company departments were reliant on LUN for data. This data corruption severely affected the company’s business continuity and wanted emergency data retrieval.

The Solution:

To retrieve or store files on Network-attached storage, iSCSI LUNs in windows are formatted as NTFS. However, a shutdown or network disruption may lead to data corruption. In such situations, LUNs in windows disk management appears as a RAW file system. This leads to corruption, thereby making your data on LUNs inaccessible.

The challenge during the task that the Techchef team faced was with the shutting down the server. The storage on LUN operates through live server therefore putting it off was not possible. To tackle this situation Techchef specialists mounted LUN on other servers and connected a hard drive to it with zero-filling. Furthermore, using our advanced tools we carried out partition cloning on the hard drive for corrupted storage. Post this, our recovery engineers’ scrutinized cloned information along with managed file transfer (MFT). The cloned data was thoroughly scanned using advanced technologies and tools and finally, a data tree was formed. After a precise confirmation of data tree formation, all of the data from corrupted storage was securely recovered to an external hard drive.

The Conclusion:

Using their expertise Techchef team was able to successfully recover data. With safe and secure procedure our team aptly handled the task. Within a short duration, all of the data was 100% successfully retrieved and the situation was resolved with much care.

Moreover, to ensure the client about recovery all files and folders of data tree were presented for verification. Recovered data had none of the discrepancies all files and folders contained were safe. The work was very much admired by the client.


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