Successful Recovery From Raid 5 Server of 8 Hard Disks


The company had a Raid 5 server with a total of eight configured hard disk drives. The company lost its confidential files related to its customers’ information and emails. In the Raid 5 system, the fault tolerance hard disk, which was the 8th hard disk of the Raid array, failed. After fault tolerance failure, the Raid 5 array system was running on the tolerance mode, but during this period, the company was trying to build and replace the 8th fault tolerance drive with a new one. As the server was running on a total of 7 hard disks, two more hard disks failed. This led to data loss of the company in the Raid 5 system.

The solution offered by Techchef

Our professionals went to their premises in Mumbai and collected all the hard disks of the Raid 5 system. After the in-depth analysis of the situation, our Raid data recovery experts concluded that the two other hard disk drives failed due to a hardware failure in the disk as they were making clicking noises. When a hard drive makes clicking noises, the chances are that the disk has crashed and is in close contact with the spindle that makes the hard disk drive more complex to recover data from. However, there was no second thought to think over the problem again. Our team of professionals commenced the process of data recovery on the Raid 5 system as soon as they diagnosed the problems. Firstly the 7th and 6th hard disks with the clicking noise problem were recovered in our class 1 cleanroom labs. Heading to the next step, all the hard disks were cloned, along with the 7th and 6th hard disks recovered from hardware failure. At last, our professionals successfully recovered 100% data of the Raid 5 array system and safely delivered the Raid hard drives to the client.


Whether it’s any sophisticated data loss issue, our seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience are confident of getting the best effective data recovery solutions. The company successfully got its data 100% recovered by our professionals and were satisfied with our services. With years of expertise and customized tools and technology, we ensure up to a 100% recovery success rate for any complex data loss scenario.

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