Recovered Physically Damaged Tampered Hard Disk

Data recovery of a 1TB Hard disk of WD company in the WXQ1..series

Techchef received a call regarding data recovery for the hard disk. The client’s voice sounds very worried while talking. We start to talk with him in detail that what happened with his hard drive. He says that he was unable to access data stored in his drive, he take it to another data recovery center they tempered it but was unsuccessful in data recovery.  He wants recovery of data because it kept files of his precious memories.

According to company rule, we need to go through a specific process to recover the data. We requested the client to send us that particular hard drive so we could analyze it. Once we received the hard drive, our IT experts started the analysis and found that the data loss scenario was severe.

The 1TB Hard Disk of WD company in the WXQ1..series was physically damaged. It seems the previous tempering was not well organized according to the data recovery process and was not driven in class 100 clean rooms, which makes data recovery more complex.

Media Analysis Report:

After fully analyzing the media our data recovery specialist concludes that the media has multiple defects such as-

Light scratches on the platters
Damaged head
Incorrect platter placement


Following challenges makes data recovery more complex

The light scratches on the platters, which posed a 50/50 chance of recovery.
The head of the hard disk is physically damaged, which is obstruct data access
Even after replacing the damaged head, accessing the service area remained difficult due to incorrect platter placement.
The platter on the hard drive is set in the wrong way by the previous service provider.
The team’s efforts to access the service area were further obstructed by scratches on the platters.

In hard drives, data is stored in different sectors on platters if the platter is damaged then reassessing data through data recovery is also a tough task. We tried multiple tools and techniques to access the service area but failed because scratches are on the service area platters. Basically in this scenario data recovery chances are almost zero. 

In this hopeless situation, our IT specialist gives a ray of hope by using a new tool for data recovery. This newly acquired tool helps them to finally access the service area and repair the firmware to view the data structure.

The Solution Offered By Techchef

The IT professionals of Techchef offered a solution for the data recovery of hard disk, which passes through the following process: 

1. Platter Cleaning: Techchef employed advanced tools to clean the platters thoroughly, removing any dust particles.

2. Head Replacement: The damaged head was replaced with a new and functional one, providing a potential solution to the data access issue.

3. Correcting Platter Placement: Techchef carefully reinstalled the platters correctly to facilitate access to the service area.

4. Utilizing Latest Tools: With the help of a recently acquired tool, Techchef successfully accessed the service area, overcoming the scratches on the platters.

5. Firmware Repair: With access to the service area restored, Techchef repaired the firmware to enable access to the data area.

6. Data Cloning: The recovered data was cloned to a new hard disk of the same capacity to ensure data integrity.

Techchef Hard Drive Recovery

After the acceptance of the proposal for the possible data recovery process from the client.  The Data Recovery process was conducted in a class 100 clean room under the IT specialist team’s supervision. Our Team successfully recovered 100% data from the damaged and tempered hard drive.  

After successful data recovery, we verified the data with the client remotely, and after confirmation, he pay the quoted amount for the data recovery service. When the whole process is completed we deliver data in a storage media. With the approval of the client, we delete permanently all recovered data from our storage which was stored in the process of data recovery.

It is a protocol for customer convenience safekeeping the recovered data within 7 days of recovery after that it is deleted permanently.


The Data Recovery of Physically Damaged and Tampered Hard Disk was not an easy task to do. But Techchef’s technical expertise and dedication led to the successful recovery of the client’s valuable data, despite the challenging situation. By effectively addressing the issues of platter scratches, damaged head, and incorrect platter placement, Techchef demonstrated their remarkable data recovery skills. 

The use of the latest tools, particularly the newly acquired one, played a crucial role in overcoming access barriers. Ultimately, the data recovery process concluded with the safe retrieval of the client’s crucial information, satisfying the client and reinforcing Techchef’s reputation as a reliable and trusted data recovery company.

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