Database recovery from failed server


The company lost its database because of server failure. The server consisted of four hard disk drives. The hard drive in the server system was not detected, and that’s where the problem arose. Also, when the media package arrived at Techchef data recovery, Our professionals found out that the bay numbers were not labelled, which is vital for the recovery. Unfortunately, when the hard disk failed in the server, some people tried to rebuild the server, which was a failure in the end, due to which the company’s database was lost.

The solution that our expert came up with:

There were no bay numbers labelled on each hard drive, our expert needed to find correct configurations to process the server recovery. If they had tried to take our configurations with software, it would have given new configurations to the hard disks, erasing entire data. So to resolve this, our engineers took out 128 combinations of the bay numbers to find the old configurations, which took a long period of one month. After they found out the correct configurations, all the disks were cloned to process data recovery, and it was a success to recover 100% data of the company’s server.

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