Recovered Database ERP Server from Ransomware Attack

Successfully Recovered Database ERP Server from Ransomware Attack

Recovered Database ERP Server from Ransomware Attackt

The company is a leading manufacturer of digital and non-digital wall and floor tiles for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, parking purposes. A company that has been at the forefront of innovation in home decor.

The Situation:

Their ERP Server having SQL Database got encrypted due to Ransomware Virus Attack and it was asking for Bitcoin to get back the data which was completely unethical and unlawful. They did have an external backup but it also got infected by ransomware as it was attached to the server when this attack happened. The server contained every single record of their operations so it was very critical and was supposed to be restored on priority. No other company in India were ready to give them round the clock service as it was a critical data for the organization and their complete operations were at stake. The client approached some vendor for priority data recovery service but didn’t get the solution as business timing was over for the day. Somebody suggested them to call and approach Techchef and they approached us.

The Solution:

The customer brought their 4 drives, RAID Server into our New Delhi lab for evaluation and Techchef engineers got to work on a solution. It was a RAID 5 server with 4x600GB hard drives connected to it. Our engineers started to make a clone of all the drives. Worked round the clock on the clones including Sundays and then recovered the data.

The Conclusion:

Techchef was able to Recover SQL File (pdf, mdf&ldf) in working condition and customer was satisfied with the recovered data. We had attacked by Ransomware virus attack on our Database ERP Server and Ransomware was asking for bitcoin to get my data back which was completely unethical and unlawful. It was RAID 5 having 2.4 TB of conclusive storage size and having the entire old back up with my recent live backup and due to Ransomware attack, it got encrypted. We approached several vendors for recovery of the same but all failed to get recovery done. When we surfed especially for such type of recovery agents/firms then We found Techchef Data Recovery and their reviews on Google moreover we were having one last option while all vendors failed and denied to get recovery done. We have found the whole team at Techchef Data Recovery to be both professional and efficient in all aspects of their work – they are ever supportive and empowering, allowing my organisation to excel at the things we do best, secure in the knowledge we have their support and guidance every step of the way to get our lost data back.” “Techchef Data Recovery has been a huge help in successfully recovering my business by recovering the entire data. In addition to aiding me to complete the basic processes needed to set-up correctly, the team at Techchef have also supported round the clock service throughout till the closure of the case which is any mean great support and remarkable attitude in the service industry like data recovery.” We especially thank the entire Techchef team for their great support and service and without hassle will be glad to recommend as the best service provider in Data Recovery!!

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