Recovered RAID 0 configured NAS Storage with 4 Seagate Hard Drive

The company is one of the largest suppliers of moulded parts, assemblies & module supplier to the Indian automotive industry. It manufactures a wide range of plastic components and fully equipped facilities to support customers in the automotive and the non-automotive segments.

The Situation:

The polymer division of this company was using NAS having 4 hard disks drive each hard drive was of 4TB capacity. Over time, the device had started to behave oddly, intermittently refusing to function and cutting the client off from their data. Eventually, the Seagate Central device just stopped working entirely and it was no more accessible.

The Solution:

All four HDDs were imaged (cloned) using the appropriate data recovery equipment. Three of the HDDs had bad sectors. When a NAS device has two or more hard drives, they are typically linked together in a RAID configuration. Commonly, two hard drives will be connected using RAID-0 striping or RAID-1 mirroring. RAID-0 cuts the drives into “stripes” and writes data to both drives in chunks. This improves capacity and performance since the user can read data from both drives at once. RAID-1 makes both drives identical twins so that if one drive fails, the user doesn’t lose any data. RAID 0 was configured and identified in this case.

The Conclusion:

Our engineers successfully recovered the vast majority of the client’s data. Only a handful of the sectors on the failed drive had gone bad. The bad sectors scattered throughout the array hadn’t impacted any important files. Nearly all of the data was recovered successfully. We recovered their data within 10 days. The customer was happy and satisfied with the recovered data.

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