Pros and Cons of an External Hard Drive connected to a system all day

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July 21, 2022


When it comes to data protection, the first thing that jumps into mind is data backup. And thinking of data backup, the first digital device that comes to mind is the external hard drive. Author Divya Jain View all posts

The portable, faster and convenient data storage devices perform well when you use them for data backup. We have witnessed many people that keep their external hard drive connected 24/7 to their laptops or computer.
The question is.. does it affect the hard drive? Here are some pros and cons that we have listed to show you what goes the right way.


a. Good for manual backup

Keeping the hard drive connected all day long becomes convenient for backing up data manually, which is a good part.

b. Necessary for auto-backup option

If you have configured your device to back up the data automatically, keeping the hard drive connected 24/7 becomes a necessity rather than an option. So it’s best to leave your hard drive connected while you do automatic data backup while you get busy doing other stuff.


a. Malware or virus risk

It becomes a high potential risk to your crucial data stored in the hard drive when it is left connected to the devices all the time. The malware or virus attack could infiltrate your external hard drive via your laptop or computer that can encrypt, infect or damage your precious data.

b. Data theft

Even if you are leaving your hard drive connected, then make sure you have enabled a password or encryption in it so that no unauthorized user steals your data.

c. damage due to power failure

When you are using your device and experience any sudden power surge, it can also risk your external hard drive and potentially damage it, leading to inevitable data loss. To avoid such data loss catastrophes due to power failure, you can use an Uninterrupted power supply or UPS to ensure your hard drive data is protected.


There is no such harm in connecting the external hard drive all the time, but the cons of this can risk the stored data backup of your critical files. Be very cautious while using the external hard drive as it is also vulnerable to certain failures or damages that result in sudden data loss. Contact a data recovery professional to get your damaged hard drive recovered and protect your data with assurance.

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